Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Product Roundup – FenestraPro

From the FenestraPro website:


FenestraPro is a technology company based in Dublin, Ireland, which provides cloud-based software tools for architects to optimise design of building façades. FenestraPro is an Authorised Developer with Autodesk Revit and also works closely with some of the leading architectural practices and industry experts internationally to optimise its development of functionality and usability.

Using several Add-Ins to Autodesk Revit – FenestraPro Premium, FenestraPro Linc, and FenestraPro Target – designers can get an understanding of the energy performance of the building façade based on the geometric design and material specification at an early stage in the design process, dynamically within Revit. FenestraPro Enterprise also allows access to an independent web-based platform linking BIM data with building product manufacturers performance information, independent of Revit.

Allows users to access live manufacturer's data and information on the cloud, and incorporate it directly into their Revit models.

Add-In to Autodesk Revit which gives guidance on the façade performance based on the conceptual massing, before applying these design decisions directly to the mass model.

Add-In to Autodesk Revit which gives guidance around the environmental performance of building facades.

Incorporates FenestraPro Premium and Linc as Revit Add-Ins with networking seat functionality (to share between users), and Forge capabilities to allow web-browser access, independent of Revit.

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There's more information available on the FenestraPro website.

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