Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Roundup – for Nov 5-11, 2018, New and Updated Revit Add-Ins on the Autodesk App Store

The week of November 5, 2018 was a moderately busy one for Revit-related add-ins on the Autodesk App Store. Three new add-ins were published and just five were updated.

My Notebook
A cloud based Autodesk® Revit® Add-in to add and share your notes along with the Revit model | Free
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.0.2, 11/9/2018 – First Release.

An advanced keynote table that allows searching, filtering and editing keynotes within Autodesk® Revit® application. Note: The edition of Keynote table in the free version of this app is limited | Trial
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 0.1, 11/9/2018 – Initial version.

PassivLink Lite
PassivLink is an add-in that enables direct export of data from Autodesk® Revit® to PHPP, the energy efficiency tool used by Passivhaus designers | USD 29.00/M
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About This Version: Version 1.0.0, 11/8/2018 – This first version of Passivlink Lite exports walls, roofs, floors, windows, doors, and TFA data to PHPP.


Ideate Sticky Trial
Ideate Sticky for Autodesk® Revit® combines the ease and flexibility of Excel spreadsheet editing with the convenience of a sticky note | Trial
 (3 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2019.1, 11/9/2018 – Support for relative paths. Support for BIM 360 Desktop Connector.

Bird Tools' Tag Alignment Tool
Aligns Autodesk® Revit® tags and text notes automatically | USD 1.00/M
 (4 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.3, 11/8/2018 – Added support for room and space tags. Added manual control to the horizontal text alignment of text notes. Fixed bugs.

Automatic Tag Stacker
Stacks similar Autodesk® Revit® tags and tag leaders automatically to form one multileader tag | USD 10.00/Y
 (1 review)
About This Version: Version 1.1.0, 11/8/2018 – Added support for Revit 2016

Megara Multiple Links Adder
Add Multiple Revit® Links at once | USD 2.00/M
☆☆ (0 reviews)
About This Version: Version 2.0.0, 11/6/2018 – Added Support to Revit 2019

Ge-Terrain for 2018
Ge-Terrain for Autodesk® Revit® acquires the digital terrain model from Google Maps for Revit 2018 importation | USD 28.00
 (2 reviews)
About This Version: Version 1.1.1, 11/5/2018 – Update the Google Services call.

While this roundup covers add-ins released through the Autodesk App Store, we also cover add-ins from other corners of the Internet. For the rest of the picture, see our current "week in review" article.

Apparent False Updates

Most weeks there are a number of add-ins listed on the App Store as having been updated when they appear not to have been. We call these apparent false updates. We identify these by comparing the current version numbers with our last posts about the add-ins.

False updates may occur when:
  • Developers forget to update or change version numbers
  • Developers publish new artwork, rename add-ins, or change prices
  • Developers re-publish the same versions to move their add-ins up in the list (a purposefully deceptive practice)
  • There are glitches in the App Store

In the hopes that the App Store will someday address these issues, or the few problem developers will police themselves, we list the apparent false updates below.

  • BIMobject
    • BIMobject
  • COVE Tool, Inc
    • cove.tool
    • Watermark Manager PowerPack for Revit 2018 R2
  • Megara
    • Megara Shared Parameters Binder
    • Dynamic Quantities

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