Sunday, December 11, 2016

Blogs We Follow (Updated)

It's a slow news day and we thought we'd share information on the blogs we follow. We like to keep our list short, and limit it to those that we find most useful. In alphabetical order they are...

The BIMsider

On The BIMsider, IMAGINiT Technologies' Applications Expert Carl Storms posts extensive weekly roundups about goings on in the world of Revit, including add-ins like Dynamo, in a quick-read, Readers Digest-like format.

We're happy that Carl includes our site Revit Add-ons in his weekly roundups!

Boost Your BIM

Boost Your BIM is an outstanding resource for anyone looking to develop their own Revit add-ins.

Harry Mattison's experience with Revit began in 1998 several months before the release of version 1.0 when he joined Charles River Software. For several years, Harry was the Quality Assurance Manager for Revit Architecture and Revit Structure.  In 2008 Harry began a software development position in the API group where he spent 4 years implementing, designing, and testing new API functionality. Nowadays, he has his own software development consulting business.

On his Boost Your BIM blog, Harry posts useful information about the Revit API, often responding to reader queries. He's even kind enough to provide lots and lots of source code.

The Building Coder

Jeremy Tammik works for Autodesk. He's a prolific author and passionate about cooperation and sharing, working with the Forge Partner Development team on Autodesk APIs and web services, providing developer support, training, conferences, presentations, and blogging on the Revit API and cloud and mobile technologies. Like Boost Your BIM, Jeremy's The Building Coder blog is an outstanding resource for anyone looking to develop their own Revit add-ins.

It's Alive in the Lab

Scott Sheppard's blog is the place to watch for news on Autodesk Labs projects, including those associated with Revit. And you've gotta love a blog that pays homage to the classic and timeless original Frankenstein film, released way back in 1931: "It's alive! It's alive!"

The Revit Kid

Jeffery Pinheiro, a.k.a. the Revit Kid, posts tutorials, tips & tricks, news and information on all things Revit.

Jeffery is also the author of the popular BIM After Dark series.

Revit OpEd

Steve Stafford, owner of consulting firm AEC Advantage, posts useful information and workflows for Revit on his Revit OpEd blog.

Steve also authors a couple of other blogs, including the useful job posting site Revit JOBS.

What Revit Wants

Last on our list but not in our hearts is Luke Johnson's What Revit Wants. Luke posts product reviews, tips & tricks, and information on add-ins. He's also the author of the Bakery package for Dynamo.

Updated on May 8, 2017 to provide new URL link for What Revit Wants

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