Saturday, December 3, 2016

AU2013 – Boost Your BIM's Harry Mattison Granted Revit API Wishes (Updated)

Updated on December 4, 2016: changed sort order to descending.

From the Boost Your BIM website:

#AU2013 Wish 1 Granted!

Matt asked to “duplicate scope box across models”. Open the source file (in this case named “scope boxes.rvt”), then activate the target document and run the macro.

For the source code, see this article

#AU2013 Wish 2 Granted!

Nancy asked for “auto duplicating and placing views through Design Option set creation”

Here is a macro that creates new views and sheets, with a new view for each design option. Each duplicated view is set to display a different design option and is placed on a sheet in the same location as on the sheet hosting the main model viewport.

For the source code, see this article

#AU2013 Wish #3 – Dockable web browser

Sean asked “Question for you: Is it possible to replace the #Revit Recent Files page with custom HTML, either local file or online?”

There is no straightforward way to replace the Recent Files page (it is built at run-time by Revit). But here are two ways to show a web browser as part of the Revit session.

A modeless, independent dialog with a web browser is showed when Revit starts
A dockable web browser is created after the first Revit file is opened

For the source code, see this article

#AU2013 Wish 4 – API-Based Performance Benchmarking

PragmaticPrxs says it would be great to have an API-based performance benchmarking tool.

This macro opens every view in the RVT, does some zoom in/zoom out, and iterates through all display styles.  With the Revit 2014 rac_basic_sample_project.rvt, how long does it take to run on your machine?

For the source code, see this article

#AU2013 Wish granted! Convert multiple dimensions into one

Brok asked “Can you via #Revit API combine individual dims into a single string and remove the old dims?”


The tricky part was figuring out how to avoid creating zero-length dimension segments between the references used by adjacent dimensions.

For the source code, see this article

#AU2013 Wish granted – Delete topo points in elevation range

Kelly asked “Is it possible to delete points within a range of elevation values?”


For the source code, see this article


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