Monday, December 26, 2016

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for the Week of December 19, 2016


New add-ins released on the Autodesk App Store last week included Keyshot 6 Pro, for real-time rendering, the free Arrange Views, for predictably arranging views on sheets, Megara Shared Parameters Remover, for batch removing shared parameters from families, and the free A400 License Monitor, for analyzing network usage of Autodesk licenses.

Add-ins from around the Internet that we posted about for the first time last week included the EdgeWise family of products for automatically converting point clouds into Revit objects, including EdgeWise Building, EdgeWise MEP, EdgeWise Structure, EdgeWise BIM Suite, and the EdgeWise Revit Plug-in.


On the Autodesk App Store, Keyshot 6 HD received a relatively significant update, as did Graitec BIM Connect. For additional App Store updates not mentioned here, be sure to check out our latest roundup of new and updated add-ins on the Autodesk App Store.

Updates from around the Internet included the free Model Checker for Revit, as well as DigiPara's Elevatorarchitect.


We had a couple of big posts for us last week, one announcing the completion of our re-branding efforts, and the other our always popular Year in Review article, which was even more extensive this year.

In their own year in review article, ArchVison teased the ability to create 3D+ RPCs from almost any 3D model.

The holiday season and approaching year-end saw a number of special promotions on Revit-related products. Jefferey Pinheiro, a.k.a. The Revit Kid, offered 5 days of discounts on his BIM After Dark series. ProtoTech Solutions is offering 20% off their line of Revit 3D exporters until January 8, 2017. Michael Kilkelly of ArchSmarter is offering 35% off his mini-course bundle until January 3, 2017. Finally, Greenlee is offering a free 3D mouse with purchase of their Bendworks add-in until the end of this year.

There were a couple of fun holiday-themed parametric models powered by Dynamo web workspaces offered, the Dynamo Christmas Tree and the DynoMenorah.

What Trended

Our post about our completed re-branding and our year in review article spent the week at or near the top of the list.

Posts that charted consistently for the week included last week's week-that-was article, the Model Checker feature update on host and element parameter checks, the Model Checker feature update on unit support, ArchVision teasing the ability to create 3D+ RPCs from almost any 3D model, and the Dynamo Christmas Tree.

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