Saturday, December 3, 2016

RTC 2013 NA – Boost Your BIM's Harry Mattison Granted Revit API Wishes (Updated)

Updated on December 4, 2016: changed order to descending.

From the Boost Your BIM website:

View Category Overrides

Q.  Is it possible to change the transparency of a category in a view in API? Basically the visibility/graphics dialog?

A. Yes, this is a new addition in the 2014 API.

From the “2014 What’s New”:

Category override

Display of categories can be overridden. This can be done with the new class OverrideGraphicSettings and the new View methods:
  • SetCategoryOverrides
  • GetCategoryOverrides
  • IsOverrideValidForCategory
  • IsCategoryOverridable

For the source code, see this article

Automatically Synchronize With Central every hour

I don’t know why Erik wants to call this FaceMelter, but here is an example of how to use the Idling event and 2014’s new SynchronizeWithCentral method to automatically Synchronize With Central at a desired interval.

For testing purposes I set it to auto-synch every 3 minutes. You would probably want an interval a bit longer

For the source code, see this article

Who are the users with elements editable?

Matt asked at RTC how to get a list of the users who own elements in a workshared file.

For the source code, see this article

Live link between Parameters in Model & Detail Families

Here’s the implementation of a suggestion from @BigBadBIM at RTCNA:

“Map a parameter value of a model component to an detail component that live updates when model changes. Idea was to link detail components used for elec riser diagrams at old firm.”

The user is prompted to select two elements – a model component and a detail component. The id of the detail component is stored in a parameter in the model component. The value of the parameter (“Fred”, for testing) is copied from the model component to the detail component.

Then an updater is created so that any time this parameter is changed in the model component, the value is automatically copied into the detail component.

For the source code, see this article


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