Saturday, December 31, 2016

Re-Welcoming Our Sponsor Revolution Design

You may have noticed in our recent year in review article that we placed a renewed emphasis on our sponsors/advertisers. As we stated in the post, Revit Add-ons is ad-supported. And, while our ad revenue doesn't make for a great hourly rate, it does help us to feel appreciated, and motivates us to put a lot of effort into the site. If you value the work we do on Revit Add-ons, please, show your support for our sponsors.

And speaking of, we're happy to welcome back as a sponsor Revolution Design!

As part of our emphasizing our sponsors more, we'll post about them as they come on board, as we are here.

Revolution Design first joined us as an advertiser way back in December 2012, which made them one of our very fist advertisers, and we're happy to have their support once again!

Revolution design offers a few different products, as discussed in greater detail in our product roundup. Their flagship product, Keynote Manager, offers a cloud services option to deal with the C4R issues that Revit has with keynote text files.

While their worfFlow tool suite is one of many on the market, it's the only one we know of that allows users to purchase individual tools,or a combination of tools, rather than the entire suite.

Lastly there's Selection Master, a robust selection and filtering tool.

Please, give their add-ins a look. Trial versions are available.

And welcome back Stephen Faust, President of Revolution Design!

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