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Keynote Manager Version 14.0 Released (Updated)

Originally published on October 15, 2016.

Updated on December 31, 2016, replacing information from the Autodesk App Store with that from the Revolution Design website, which is much more complete.

From the Revolution Design website:

Keynote Manager is the simple, efficient way to edit Revit's keynote files. Keynote Manager organizes keynotes in an easy to use free format and allows instant editing, drag and drop organization, commenting, file linking, and much more. Keynote Manager is the missing piece to unlock the power of Revit keynotes.

Simple Keynote File Editing

Revit's keynote system is a powerful way to integrate data into Revit families, reduce errors, and streamline documentation. The text files, though, are cumbersome and difficult to work with.

Keynote Manager was created to provide a simple, efficient interface to edit keynote files.

  • Edit keynotes in a tree view instead of a long list in Notepad or Excel
  • Automatically sequence keynote numbers
  • Add & edit new notes without worrying about tabs or formatting
  • Locate keynotes quickly with powerful, savable, search tabs.
  • Multiple users can work on a single file concurrently
  • Reorganize notes by simple drag and drop
  • Select multiple keynotes and renumber in sequence

Comment & Markup

Revit keynote text files provide no ability for managers to mark up or comment on keynotes.

With Keynote Manager's comment and markup system, comments can be added to any keynote and the history of the comment is tracked automatically.

  • Create comments, update, and mark as complete
  • Track the dates of comment creation and changes
  • Convenient comment panel lists all comments
  • Review comments for a particular note or for the whole keynote file
  • Print all keynotes or a subset for manual review and markup

Info Link

Keynotes can be linked to external documents or web locations and those documents can be opened from Keynote Manager.

Files will be opened in their default editor and web locations will be opened in the default browser.
  • Link to the Manufacturer's web site, content page, or specification
  • Link to a word processor specification
  • Link to an image of the installed product
  • Create as many links as desired

Keynote Palette (Plus Only)

Keynote Manager Plus gives the user access to the keynote palette within Revit. This palette places the ease of editing provided by Keynote Manager directly into Revit.
  • Edit keynote files directly within Revit.
  • Palette can be flipped, expanded / collapsed, resized, moved, or hidden at will. All settings are remembered from session to session.
  • Automatically loads the correct keynote file for the current active Revit project and switches files when the active project is changed.
  • Automatically updates key values in open Revit projects when a key value changes to avoid broken keynotes.
  • Keynotes display if they are used in the current project or not. Click one button to list and/or show all elements using a specific keynote.
  • Access to predefined 'Used' and 'Unused' search tabs.
  • Apply a keynote to selected Revit elements with the click of a button.

Keynote Watcher (Plus Only)

Keynote Watcher is an add in to Revit that monitors keynote files and notifies users of changes to the file.
  • Locates keynote files for all open Revit projects.
  • Monitors keynote files for changes and notifies users via an Unobtrusive notification icon (see image to the right).
  • Notifies users of the need to reload their keynote file.Watcher Toggle Button
  • Warns users if they are about to print a file that has changed keynotes and allows print cancellation to avoid incorrect prints.
  • Can be turned on and off at will. Can be turned off by default in settings.
  • Automatically reloads the keynote file when changed (Revit 2015 and above only).

Standards and Quality Control

Keynote Manager allows a degree of quality control and standards enforcement not available in other editors, further reducing errors and increasing productivity.
  • Formatting & parent/child relationships are handled by Keynote Manager so no more orphaned keynotes!
  • Spell check function reduces spelling errors
  • Quickly enforce office standards
    • Define master files & create new keynote files based on office masters
    • Set automatic keynote casing to UPPERCASE, lowercase, or Sentence Case
    • Convert casing for individual keynotes or all keynotes in a file
    • Set the font so the display in Keynote Manager matches the display in Revit

Backup Files

Everyone knows the frustration of losing data or an entire file due to either human or computer error.

Keynote Manager's distributed backup system ensures that if anything happens to a keynote file there will be a recent backup that can be restored and most if not all of your work saved.

  • Text file and comment backups are distributed on all users computers so even in the event of a hard drive or complete computer failure another user will likely have a backup copy
  • Backups are created automatically when a file is opened or closed
  • Backups can be created automatically at a specified interval
  • Select the number of backups per user (up to 999)

Easy Deployment & Licensing

For users with large numbers of installations, it is desirable to avoid the need to visit every computer to configure settings and activate the license. Keynote Manager uses a simple settings and licensing system designed specifically for such situations. For deployment instructions see the deployment page.

Tracking & Reporting

Keynote Manager tracks some basic, non-personal data for use in our marketing and analysis of program usage. The following information is reported to Revolution Design:
  • Program open and close time
  • Program version & Executable path (11.5 and later only)
  • Open and close time of each file (no file names or paths are collected)
  • License type

You may also view a sample report here.

About This Version

Version 14.0, 10/13/2016
  • Keynote Manager now supports cloud based keynote projects.
  • Now integrates with autoLink in Revit workFlow to link keynotes to views.
  • Compatible with Revit 2017.
  • Undo/Redo capability has been added.
  • Fully unified installer for all versions of Revit as well as standalone application and cloud manager.
  • Manual reload button was added to the ribbon.
  • Search for or add the key value of a selected Revit object in Keynote Manager.
  • Apply functions now apply notes immediately instead of when command is completed.

For a full update history, click here

The Keynote Manager add-in is brought to you by Revolution Design. Keynote Manager Basic has a base price of 39.00 USD per seat. Keynote Manager Plus has a base price of 49.00 USD per seat.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2017, 2016, 2015 and 2014.

There's more information available on the Revolution Design website, or on the Autodesk App Store.

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