Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Free Revit Project Template Assessments through June 30

From the EvolveLAB website:

Can I look at your Revit template?

I know it's super frustrating and time consuming to not have a good Revit template. Because of this, I recently published a post and video on how to make your Revit template rock.

Here is the link to check it out -

Below are the topics that were covered
  • View Templates
  • Filters
  • Landing Pages
  • Schedules
  • Resource Files
  • Tags

Want an assessment of your Revit template?  Shoot me an email or give me a call, and I'll be happy to look at it for you at no charge.

Contact: 720-417-8463

There's more information available on the EvolveBIM website.

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