Friday, June 9, 2017

Revit Finish Tagging and Scheduling with Dynamo

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June 7, 2017
By Ngoc Nguyen

For architects and interior designers, tagging and scheduling the finishes materials are important tasks during DD and even CD phase. I have seen so many firms using a Generic Annotation tools for tagging and scheduling the material instead of using Revit out of the box material tag. Much more reliable and zero issue with “tag turn question mark”.

Revit Finish Schedule then can be produced very fast using Note block Tool.                            

Now what if you want to share this Revit finish material schedule to some non-Revit users, a PM or a specification writer who also want to have his/her input on the finishes of the project? Well you can export the schedule to excel, then ask the PM/ Spec. writer for their review and update. They then revise the spreadsheet and you just import it back to your Revit project and voila !!!! Hundreds of finished tags are updated, and so as the Revit Finish Schedule. Nicely done by a few simple Dynamo nodes.

Check out the demo video here:

Dynamo nodes can be downloaded here.


There's more information available on LinkedIn.

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