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CS ArtisanRV – Cloud-Based BIM for Landscape

From the CS Design Software website:

CS ArtisanRV

The first Cloud-based software solution to enable landscape Revit® integration

BIM for landscape

CS ArtisanRV: The FIRST web-integrated landscape BIM software for Revit®

Launched in 2015, CS ArtisanRV enables the landscape professional to fully embrace Building Information Modelling, offering specialist BIM for landscape tools to collaborate with the industry leading Revit® solution.

Product Features

The first Cloud-based software solution for landscape Revit® integration

Revit® allows architects, landscape architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors to design and manage an information rich virtual model collaboratively with full annotation tools and dynamic scheduling.

CS Artisan RV takes this into the landscape – a web-integrated software solution, fully integrated with Revit, with plant libraries and hardworks, dynamically scheduled with 3D visual modelling.

Plant Libraries, Palette Builder & The NPS

Access planting libraries, including the full NPS.  Just login or work directly from a Revit© session.  In the Palette Builder, create user-defined list of plants and hardwork elements.   Search by class or sub-class or free-text to refine.  Search plants by characteristic, including:
  • Soil type, moisture, Sun/Shade
  • Ultimate height/spread; Years to ultimate height
  • Foliage type/colour
  • Flower colour, feature, season of interest
  • Uses

Parametric Plant Placement

Place plants as specimens, hedges, beds and woodland.  Age and grow.  Add colour and shadow, dynamically.  Select and load from palettes and project on topography, floors or filled regions.

Create planting mixes in the Palette Builder and place as single, linear and area planting regions.

Use NPS libraries of plant growth to create powerful visual interpretations showing age, growth, flower and foliage colour.

Create, measure and visualise shade percentage at defined times of the day, year and geo-location.

Landscape Hardworks in Revit®

Add more than just plants – add hardworks elements to run dynamically along your topography.

Create and visualise hardwork elements within your design and automate the landscape across schedules and reports.  Control size and definition of all components, amend and manoeuvre to suit.  Automatically record, report and update schedules with any changes you select.

Revit® Dynamic Scheduling

Full planting schedules are created automatically as the model is defined or modified. All fields are displayed in accordance with the National Plant Specification (NPS) Information and including area and length values.

NEW Landscape Revit® Features

Imagine fencing, paving and other building materials, automated in your landscape designs.  Backed up with a manufacturer’s product library of exact specifications to build your schedules and collaborate with your contractors, architects and stakeholders.

There’s more to come for hardworks in CS ArtisanRV.  Stay on board and be the first to find out how you can begin to harness Revit as a platform for all your landscape plans, designs and schedules.

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CS ArtisanRV is brought to you by CS Design Software. It's priced at £1,600.00 GBP annually, £750.00 GBP quarterly, or £3500.00 GBP monthly.

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