Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Get Your Free Content Library Audit

From the UNIFI website:

Get Your Free Library Audit

Make informed decisions to get the most from your investment in BIM content.

How valuable would a complete view of your BIM content libraries along with the ability to drill down deep into specific areas be to assessing the quality of your firm’s existing content?  UNIFI Insights provides you with a comprehensive dashboard enabling you to visualize your entire library at scale and receive in-depth reports that outline specific details about parameters, CAD files and the overall health of your library, along with highlighting areas for improvement.

Take advantage of a FREE library audit now – we’ll review one of your libraries and then go over the results with you in a brief consultation.  

A few areas that we will cover include:
  • Nested Families – see how many nested families exist and how many levels deep of nesting are present.
  • Imported CAD Geometry – identify which families include CAD-based geometries and prevent Revit from crashing
  • Parameter Data – see all of content parameter data in a table form that you can query and filter rather than reviewing model by model.

There's more information available on the UNIFI website.

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