Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Get Revit Crop Region Element with Dynamo

From the sixtysecondrevit website:

Get #Revit Crop Region Element with #DynamoBIM

June 5, 2017
By John Pierson

A little while back I posted this clever little trick to obtain the crop region element from a section view.

Essentially it is normally “-1” of the view’s ElementID, but not always! Well, luckily I have been getting more into creating C# nodes for Dynamo and there are some pretty fun options within.

After reviewing a post from the very awesome Jeremy Tammik , I was able to make the following node.

Essentially what the node does is,
  1. Disable the crop region.
  2. Collect all visible elements.
  3. Enable crop region.
  4. Remove the previous stuff from a new collection, leaving the crop region. :)

This will be in the next Rhythm update, along with a lot of other useful ZeroTouch nodes!

Have Fun! -johnP

There's more information available on the sixtysecondrevit website.

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