Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New MagiCAD 2018

From the MagiCAD website:

New MagiCAD 2018

Powerful MEP Design Software

Step up your MEP Design with the New MagiCAD 2018

Deliveries of MagiCAD 2018 have now begun. The new version offers MEP designers an extensive selection of intelligent new functions on top of Revit and AutoCAD. MagiCAD  facilitates BIM workflow and makes Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design faster and easier. MagiCAD 2018 supports the latest Autodesk technologies Revit 2018 and AutoCAD 2018.

Explore the new features


MagiCAD 2018 for Revit new feature list

  • Support for Revit 2017-2018
  • Search and load products from MagiCloud
  • Announcements concerning important software updates
  • Wire drawing enhancements
  • Powerful new wire type management tool and
  • wire type search in Wire Drawing Options
  • New product class: Combination boxes
  • Time-saving Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing routing tool for horizontal crossings
  • User-configurable balancing methods in ventilation and plumbing design
  • Design and calculate using air terminals with multiple connections
  • Improvements to defining provisions for builders work openings
  • Enhancements to creating custom user symbols
  • More versatile Running Index tool
  • Load-bearing calculations for Supports & Hangers
  • Export of installation coordinates from Supports & Hangers
  • Array installation for Supports & Hangers

MagiCAD 2018 for AutoCAD new feature list

  • Support for AutoCAD 2015-2018
  • Search and load products from MagiCloud
  • Announcements concerning important software updates
  • Enhanced short-circuit calculations – Selectivity checking
  • System Designer – Merge dataset
  • System Designer – Improved settings for dataset location
  • Circuits in communication and data systems design
  • Find & Replace for climate beams and fan coil units
  • New option for defining temperature difference for climate beams and fan coil units
  • User-configurable balancing methods
  • Dimension text variables for slanted cable tray elevations
  • New properties for electrical circuits
  • New properties for switchboard schematics

There's more information available on the MagiCAD website.

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