Thursday, November 30, 2017

Automatic Wall Creation with the Revit API

From The Building Coder blog:

Automatic Wall Creation

By Jeremy Tammik
November 30, 2017

I highlight yet another thread from the Revit API discussion forum, on mathematical translations for automatic wall creation, with an exceedingly elegant solution by Alexander @aignatovich Ignatovich.

Alexander's macro illustrates a number of important concepts and implements the following functionality very succinctly indeed:
  • Retrieve all the cube family instances
  • Retrieve their height parameter value
  • Retrieve their solids making use of the .NET yield operator
  • Extract their horizontal outline contours using an ExtrusionAnalyzer
  • Create walls along each contour curve segment
  • Place a door family instance at the midpoint of each wall
  • His code is well worth reading in detail!

An absolute must, actually!

Cube family instances before running command

Walls and doors added along cube horizontal
contours after running command

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