Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Linking Revit Projects from BIM 360 with Autodesk Desktop Connector

From the CADD Microsystems Blog:


By Jason Kunkel
Nov 28, 2017

We absolutely LOVE Collaboration for Revit, but definitely recognize that one of its issues is the inability to link in other files hosted in your BIM 360 Team project space. That’s why we’re thrilled to hear about the new Autodesk Desktop Connector. Information is still coming out, so we expect this software to evolve over the next few months. During some testing, we wanted to make you aware of a small oddity that might cause some confusion.

The Autodesk Desktop Connector essentially gives you a drive connection to your BIM 360 or Fusion 360 Teams right on your desktop. Like any other cloud drive application, this lets you drag and drop, rename, copy, etc. files in your cloud storage straight from Windows (or macOS).

The HUGE addition, however, is that with the new technology you can (in Revit 2018 only) link files that normally had to be linked from desktop or local network drives. This is a game changer for how useful using a BIM 360 Team project can be. Now anyone in that project can link in a file like a DWG, and anyone accessing a C4R model from the project will see those links.

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