Thursday, November 23, 2017

BIMcollab v4.0 Sneak Preview

From the BIMcollab website:

BIMcollab 4.0
Sneak preview

New look, same feel: no learning curve

Although the GUI has been completely redesigned the menu’s and buttons are mostly on the same location. Everyone will be able to work with the new interface from the start. No learning curve. Enjoy the new design below.

New project dashboard

The new project dashboard shows a nice graphical overview of the status of the project together with a list of last changes in the issues.
All changes since your last login are highlighted in yellow.

Fresh colors with a meaning

The new project dashboard shows a nice graphical overview of the status of the project together with a list of last changes in the issues.

Graphs page with 15 different types

The brand new graphs page can show up to 15 different graphs. Form issues per team member or company to activities over time. It brings you a fast overview over the project status and team performance. You can choose which ones to show and setup some display options to make reports. The page is integrated in the issue-page sharing the same filter.

Many small improvements make you work faster

We added many user-interface improvements to help you getting there faster.
Like the popup menu on the main dashboard for direct access into the project. Or in issue-lists to directly edit or resolve an issue.

And more...

  • Improved coloring, illustrating history of status changes in issue details pages. 
  • Option to block administrators from accessing a confidential project.
  • Request to join a project requires the mail address of a projectleader for better security and access-approval flow.
  • Import issues via CSV is extended with approvers.
  • Improved subscription management pages. You can send PDF or mail confirmation for approval by a colleague.

This version is ready for multi-language. Versions in French, German and Spanish are in preparation.
Also the possibility to define labels, types, priority and usergroups per project is prepared. However this feature can only be released when the majority of users has updated to the newest BCF Managers 4.0 supporting this. We expect this to be early Q1 2018.

When do you want the new version?

Because BIMcollab 4.0 offers a new and redesigned interface, we want to give you the choice of when you want to switch to the new version:
  • on December 2nd: leave your credentials and be the first >
  • on December 28th: sit back, relax and your space will be updated in the second release-round will be updated in the first round on December 2nd. If you choose to wait till December 28th to switch your space to the new version, users can get familiar with the new look and feel on in the meantime.

For further information and advice you can contact

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There's more information available on the BIMcollab website.


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