Wednesday, November 29, 2017

nodesolver for Product Line Placer – Eliminate Custom Fitting Warnings from Autorouting

From the MEP Content website:

New App functionality - nodesolver to get rid of custom fittings in Revit

21 November 2017

Do you recognize this situation? You are designing in Revit and all of a sudden, you get this warning: Custom fitting was created.

You dismiss the warning and continue designing when your colleague comes in the office and asks you what you want in your coffee. You forget about the warning, only to find out a couple of days later that you are missing some things on your bill of materials...

We have good news! Custom fittings in Revit can be a thing of the past when you use our apps in combination with a new functionality, the nodesolver.

What is the nodesolver?

It is a functionality offering you the best possible solutions to replace a custom fitting created by autorouting in Revit.

You can choose from a number of solutions to select the option you prefer.

Once selected, the nodesolver removes the custom fitting and replaces it with the solution you have selected in the nodesolver menu.

The solution is automatically added to your schedule and bill of materials.

This will be a major time saver (and error avoider) so if you have not yet tried it, please download the SANHA Product Line Placer app for Revit with nodesolver functionality or download the MEPcontent Product Line Placer for piping systems with content from up to 10 manufacturers with nodesolver functionality.

There's more information available on the MEP Content website.

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