Sunday, November 19, 2017

BIM 360 Online Hackathon Results

Awhile back we posted about an online hackathon for BIM 360, with a US $20,000.00 prize. The contest ended on October 31, 2017, and here are the entrants/winners:

BIM 360 Excel Exporter Plus
This app exports 3D data files in your BIM 360 account into Excel spreadsheets.
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

A desktop app for organizing BIM360 projects' files.
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

Fast File Screenshot
just click a button and a screenshot of the viewer will be taken

QR Code to display BIM 360 project details

Easily bring existing BIM 360® Docs information into your eSUB projects.

Create Project for BIM360 Docs
Create a project on BIM360 Docs, add an image and be able to add folders from a template project
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

Voice 360
Execute Forge Viewer commands using voice recognition on BIM 360 & A360 documents
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

BIM360 Windows Explorer
BIM360 Windows Explorer is an windwos Explorer like for bim360 files, it also has a fast search and cool icons
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

AutoHub Browser
All your BIM 360 projects under one roof ... You see browse through everything, fast ...

BIM 360 Revit Model Chart
Analyze Revit Model using a model item type

BIM 360 Account Data Export
A web app that exports bim 360 account data as pdf

Plex.Earth360 enables real-time collaboration between the office and the field, by bringing together BIM360 and AR
(Available on the Autodesk App Store)

Back up your BIM360 models locally, and securely.

There's more information available on the DEVPOST website.

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