Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Free BIMcollab ZOOM Released – IFC Model Viewing and Validation

From the BIMcollab website:

BIMcollab ZOOM

 visualize, validate and review

BIMcollab ZOOM is the newest addition to the BIMcollab ecosystem and brings model viewing and validating fully integrated into the BIMcollab workflow. ZOOM is the best tool to discuss issues in design review meetings within the context of discipline models. ZOOM also helps to analyse data to find design flaws and to verify solutions
Navigation is fast, intuitive and smooth. ZOOM is available for Windows and Mac and is the first BIM tool supporting Mac touchpad gestures for easy navigation. Never before you were able to participate in the BIM data workflow to explore, understand and explain a building this easy.

"ZOOM is quickly becoming my favourite IFC viewer"
Odd Goderstad, Graphisoft Norway

Visualize all discipline models

BIMcollab ZOOM can read any number of discipline models to create a full project overview. Sort models in the navigation tree in any way you want and save the project setup in a platform independent project file. Share this file together with your IFC models via drop box, chapeau or document management system.

Validate and classify your data

Smart Views allow you to define dynamic filters for investigating different aspects of all your building data. For example to color objects by type, classification or any property you want. Smart Views offers you a very intuitive and friendly, accessible way of validating your data against requirements. Visual checking has never been this powerful. Read more >

"The Smart Views are very useful. They make our projects easily insightful to others"
Marielle Visser, Rijnboutt, Architectural office NL

Create and assign issues as you go

BIMcollab ZOOM is fully integrated in the BIMcollab issue management. Connect to any project in the cloud directly from within BIMcollab ZOOM and join the integrated process. And once you notice a problem creating an issue for any team member is only one click away. Share issues through the BIMcollab cloud with other team members to locate them via one of our BCF Managers in their native BIM authoring tool.

ZOOM is a powerful tool to host design or construction review meetings. It gives you any customized overview and easy walkthroughs all selected issues to be discussed.

"Incredibly powerful viewer, and the Smart Views give me perfect insight into my projects."
Phillipe Dupond, Paris 

"Looks very interesting, and it is excellent that it is multi platform"
  Jaime Ingram Solís, UHA London

Collaborate and manage

ZOOM completes BIMcollab’s issue management workflow, together with the web application and all the add ons in BIM authoring tools. BIMcollab now offers a complete set of tools supporting your BIM issue management, essential to create high quality BIM data for great buildings.
ZOOM brings a good set of multi model viewing, integration with BIMcollab and view filters"
Stefan Boeyken, D-studio / Guest Professor KU Leuven, BE

ZOOM for free
Try it yourself, magnify your BIM experience

Webinar ZOOM
Join the webinar on November 23rd and get excited!

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BIMcollab Zoom is brought to you by KUBUS. It's free.

There's more information available on the BIMcollab website.

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