Friday, November 24, 2017

UNIFI v3.1 – Includes New AutoCAD Add-in

From the UNIFI website:

3.1 Release Notes – Announcing UNIFI’s AutoCAD Add-in, Improved Content Requests and Project Analytics

Our team has been working around the clock to get our 3.1 release out, and it’s one of our most exciting releases yet. From continuing to build out our multiformat functionality with an AutoCAD Add-in, to making it easier than ever for UNIFI users to submit and stay updated on the progress of their Content Requests, our 3.1 release is built to help ensure UNIFI fits in more seamlessly than ever to your design and build workflows, increasing your organization’s efficiency across design systems and projects.

Finally, we’re thrilled to introduce the first version of our Project Analytics offering, which collects analytics from active Revit projects and enables insight into what content is being used in a project and who has been working on the project. Project Analytics as combined with UNIFI’s scalable content management platform is the first of its kind in the industry. Mitigate risk on projects by viewing health checks on your projects via UNIFI online dashboards. This represents the first step towards complete transparency into every action and every piece of content that has been inserted into a model.

We want to send our sincerest thanks to every customer who has collaborated with our Product team on providing ideas, feedback and testing out the Beta versions of the features included in our release. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver this release without your ongoing input and support. So, without further ado, below is the complete rundown of this jam-packed release:

AutoCAD Add-in (UNIFI Core)

  • Ability to insert AutoCAD content stored in UNIFI directly into the AutoCAD application
  • Ability to export and store AutoCAD blocks in UNIFI
  • Command registered for use from Command line (Real CAD users use the keyboard anyways!)
  • Up next in 3.2: Tool palette support

Content Requests (UNIFI Core)

  • Completely updated User Interface for Content Requests to facilitate multiformat content requests, clarity, and ease of use
  • You can now collaborate directly on your content request. Chat back and forth with the person making the content! Added comments section on Content Requests to facilitate communications between internal and external stakeholders
  • Automated email notifications now sent out when comments are made or status is updated

Private Channels (UNIFI Connect)

  • Want to use manufacturer content but tired of swapping out the parameters? UNIFI’s Private Channels now allows a manufacturer to provide your firm with their entire library of content to you in your firm-specific standards, all readily available in UNIFI. Contact us to find out how you can request a Private Channel from your favorite manufacturers today.
  • Channels flagged as private do not appear publicly in the subscription center
  • Ability to flag a channel as private in the portal prior to publishing

Project Harvest (UNIFI Core)

  • Revit’s ‘Transfer Project Standards’ feature on steroids. Pull in assets & standards from any Revit project file stored in UNIFI directly into your active project. Project setup just got a whole lot easier!
  • Ability to copy content directly into a Revit project from a container file or past project
  • Projects can now be stored in the UNIFI Cloud Platform and searched for via the UNIFI Client
  • Project Harvesting also works for projects not yet uploaded to UNIFI via a standard Windows file picker

Project Analytics (UNIFI Core)

  • Monitor all of your project’s health status in the UNIFI cloud. As changes are made to your projects analytics are pulled and displayed in the admin portal, allowing for you to keep tabs on your model’s health before it gets sick!
  • Opt-in feature that enables analytics collection from active Revit projects
  • Provides the ability to visualize analytics for your projects in our portal

Project Spaces (UNIFI Core)

  • Revit projects seen by UNIFI will be assigned a designation to allow for the opt-in of analytics collection
  • The specified Project Space will act as a container to define the boundaries of a project within the UNIFI ecosystem
  • Allows libraries to be designated as approved sources for a Project Space, meaning that when the associated project is open in Revit searches for that project will be automatically limited to those sources

Portal Updates

  • A button to launch the portal has been added to the UNIFI Client, so Portal is now directly accessible through the Client! Now you don’t have to remember that URL
  • Batch Tag Manager has been extended to facilitate library management for files. Now admins can move their families in batch from library to library with ease.
  • Project Spaces Administration management:
  • Ability to list all users who have opened a Project
  • Ability to add Projects to a Project Space, or keep them unassociated
  • Deprecated support for Revit 2012/2013
  • Add-ins for Revit 2012/2013 have been removed from the installer
  • Added “Actions button” on File Details Page
  • Action button combines all the miscellaneous functionality in other buttons into one place
  • Actions button allows for file type specific actions, like `Open PDF in Windows Default Viewer`
  • Search – Manufacturer Brands can now be added to Search via the Library Selector
  • Upload – Added the ability to filter files in an upload list by file type

Bug Fixes

  • Type Catalog enhancements
  • Quotes and Nested Quotes no longer break insertion
  • Tags in Portal and Client are now synced
  • Sorting for Project Sync reports has been improved
  • SSO – Authentication will cancel when browser is closed or “Back to Login” is clicked
  • Revision notes can now be edited
  • Batch Export now sorts alphabetically
  • Several small UI tweaks
  • Updated ‘Insert Override’ Dialogue for increased clarity
  • Support for many more file types added

UNIFI is brought to you by UNIFI Labs. It's priced at US $14/user/month for up to 30 users. Enterprise licensing is available.

There's more information available on the UNIFI website.

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