Saturday, January 13, 2018

Free Autodesk Enhanced DWG Exporter for Revit

From the Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools website:

Autodesk Enhanced DWG Exporter for Revit

Improves the DWG Export from Revit and makes the management of configurations simple and straightforward

This free tool from Autodesk improves the quality and the information content of DWG files generated from the Revit model and helps overcome a number of limitations of the built-in DWG Export feature

Enhanced DWG Exporter Features

Define Layer Standards

"Break down" a layer into well defined components to make the process of assigning a layer a whole lot easier.

Allow for Overrides

Override elements on export as if they were created using a different category.

Create blocks with attributes from families and annotations

Create drawings for AutoCAD based facilites management systems directly from the Revit model.

Use Drawing Templates

Use AutoCAD templates containing Layer assignments, plot style tables, blocks, fonts, hatch patterns etc. to create consistent DWG files directly from Revit.

Download the Enhanced DWG Exporter

The Enhanced DWG Exporter is free to download and use, just select your Revit version and get started.

Revit 2018

There's more information available on the Autodesk BIM Interoperability Tools website.

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Unknown said...

Has anyone seen any instructional videos or additional info on this product? Looks great at first glance