Sunday, January 21, 2018

VisionREZ Architecture for Residential Design

From the VisionREZ website:

VisionREZ Products – Architecture 

The VisionREZ base product provides architectural features and functionality to aid in the design of residential structures. VisionREZ architectural features make residential designers more efficient by automating many of the tools and processes they most frequently use.

VisionREZ Quick Access Toolbar

To reduce click-counts and reduce navigation of multiple menus the VisionREZ Quick Access Toolbar automatically customizes the ribbon, with frequently used objects.

The VisionREZ Dimensioning Tool

The VisionREZ Dimensioning tool automates cumbersome dimensioning workflows in Revit, to help residential Revit designers work more efficiently.

The VisionREZ Roof Tool

The VisionREZ roof tool uses roof design logic developed by the component industry to accurately model complicated roof structures within the Revit environment. This creates adjustable Revit objects that VisionREZ augments with a suite of tools to easily edit and modify every aspect of the roof.

VisionREZ developed ModelMap™

VisionREZ developed ModelMap™ technology to allow collaboration between builders and component manufacturers. VisionREZ open software architecture (OSA) allows linking its modeling to proprietary truss design software. This enables component manufacturers to easily import, design, and export truss designs, and load the aggregated information back into the Revit model. Revit OSA improves collaboration between engineering and trades; designing systems that interact with components. Modeling these interactions prior to construction greatly reduces questions and mistakes in the field.

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There's more information available on the VisionREZ website.


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