Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Free CTB Link v1.1.0

From the Autodesk App Store:

About This Version

Version 1.1.0, 1/18/2018

New features in this release:
  • Adds a real-time WhatsApp support number
  • Adds a post-processing phase to fix some Revit inconsistencies with RGB colors
  • Changed name of file from 'output' to the name of the actual CAD file

Bugs fixed in this release:
  • Fixes an issue with treatment of line types
  • Fixes some issues with layer processing
  • Fixes a bug where nested blocks weren't being appropriately handled
  • Post processing of RGB colors to make them identical to the DWG file (Revit's bug)
  • Fixes a bug with reading information about color index 254 in the CTB file


This Autodesk® Revit® add-in allows you to make use of a CTB file to transform your CAD drawing before importing it.

Usually the CAD drawings are drawn in lines of different color/thickness than what they're supposed to be plotted. Thus before importing in Revit you need to have this extra step of transformation.
CTB Link does just that. Give it a CTB file, a CAD file and you will have your drawing in Revit just as you'd plot the CAD file in a PDF or printer.
  • colors transformation
  • line weight transformation
  • line type transformation

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CTB Link is brought to you by Efficient BIM. It's free.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2018, 2017, and 2016.

There's more information available on the Autodesk App Store.

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