Sunday, January 21, 2018

VisionREZ Options Manager for Residential Design

From the VisionREZ website:

VisionREZ Products – Options Manager 

VisionREZ Options Manager accurately produces master plan sets and lot-specific solves in the same workspace by using a simple visual grid view. The options selector, includes the easy to use rule-based selection tools allowing for lot specific solves of even the most complicated option sets.

VisionREZ Options Manager is visual – no more cryptic descriptions and check boxes. Using a simple rules-based interface, complicated lot-specific solves can be generated by building options into the base model and excluding options that don’t apply. The additional modeling can then be purged, resulting in a complete lot specific model. Revit’s parametric capability automatically updates changes on all construction documents, including plans, elevations, sections or schedules.
The grid is expandable, so VisionREZ Options Manager grows with your business.

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There's more information available on the VisionREZ website.


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