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BIM 360 Design, Formerly Collaboration for Revit (C4R)

From the BIM 360 website:

Worksharing & Collaboration Software Built for Design Teams

Connect design teams for improved project delivery

See how easy it is to collaborate from anywhere with your team.

Co-author shared Revit models and coordinate deliverables
  • Connect and collaborate with multidiscipline design teams
  • Control worksharing at user, role, company, file- or folder-level
  • Track and coordinate deliverables exchanged
  • Visualize changes between deliverables in aggregated models

“When it comes to infrastructure for our building projects, relying on the cloud for model hosting eliminates issues…we can now take design further with the same dollar.”

CHAD SPEAS | Design Applications Manager, Corgan

Benefits of working with BIM 360 Design

Less time fighting with files. More time designing.

When design project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. BIM 360 Design lets you co-author shared Revit models, and curate, coordinate, and manage deliverables throughout the project lifecycle.

Always on time
Co-author Revit models in real time and review design development from your browser, tablet, or mobile device with the extended team at any time.

Always accurate
Work from the latest design information published to shared folders. Track project activity, file version history, and issue management between teams.

Always in control
Control work sharing and design deliverable exchange with the assurance that the right information is in the right hands throughout the project.

One app. Period

When design project teams have the right information at the right time, work happens faster. The BIM 360 app lets you publish, manage, review, and approve design drawings, documents, and models – anytime, anywhere.

Centralize Project Information
One online workspace for all project team members, helping distributed teams stay connected and organized at all times.

Collaborative Markups
Create and share 2D and 3D markups for collaborative design review.

Unlimited Storage
Store 3D Revit models, 2D CAD sheets, and more in your common project repository – don't let limited storage space get in the way of successful project delivery.

BIM 360 Design Features

Get started by connecting your entire design team and project data in one place. Use cloud worksharing directly in Revit. No user limits. No storage limits.

Single Project Repository
  • Unlimited storage
  • Support for all file types
  • Project activity log

Access controls
  • Project- and folder-level access rights
  • Define access by role, company, user
  • Assign five permission levels

  • List and thumbnail views
  • Version control and rollback
  • Single viewer for 2D and 3D files

Change visualization
  • View added, removed, or modified elements
  • Understand changes in context between aggregated models in a single space
  • Navigate change visualization by team, phase, building level and more

Deliverable coordination
  • Reduce rework with trackable project activity
  • Facilitate model exchange and deliverable coordination
  • Curate sets to separate work-in-progress from shared files

  • Online and offline access on Web, phone & tablet
  • PDF and model viewer, optimized for Apple iOS
  • Navigate between documents without closing viewer

BIM 360 Design is a cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product made for distributed and multidisciplinary teams.


What's new in BIM 360 Design?

BIM 360 Design is a cloud worksharing, design collaboration, and data management product for improved project delivery, built on the new BIM 360 platform.

With BIM 360 Design, you can co-author multi-discipline Revit models and access data management and collaboration functionality like 2D & 3D viewer and markup tool accessible via web, phone, and tablet. You can also use additional features like:
  • Access controls by user, role, or company, and file-and folder-based permissions
  • Issue management
  • Tracking and deliverable coordination
  • Change visualization
  • Unlimited storage

How do I purchase BIM 360 Design?

You can purchase new subscriptions of BIM 360 Design from the eStore.

How does BIM 360 Design differ from Collaboration for Revit?

With BIM 360 Design, you can enjoy similar co-authoring, design collaboration, and data management features as you do with Collaboration for Revit and BIM 360 Team. Additional functionality available in BIM 360 Design includes greater access controls, issue management, tracking and deliverable coordination, change visualization, and unlimited storage.

If you are currently using Collaboration for Revit to co-author multi-discipline Revit models and are storing your project data in BIM 360 Team, you may continue to use both for ongoing projects with uninterrupted access for as long as you renew. However, data in BIM 360 Team will remain separate from the new BIM 360 platform. Projects and data created in one will not be visible in the other.

For the full experience, start your new projects in BIM 360 Design, along with Revit 2018.3 and later versions of Revit.

Please read the FAQ on the rebranding and repackaging of Collaboration for Revit to BIM 360 Design.

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BIM 360 Design is brought to you by Autodesk. Pricing is as follows:

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2018.3 and later.

There's more information available on the BIM 360 website.

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