Monday, April 16, 2018

Free/Pay What You Want Open Source Online Revit To IFC Converter

From the BIM 42 website:

Apr 15, 2018

You always need to export your Revit files to IFC. A lot of great solutions run with IFC and having an efficient workflow to transfer your models to them is essential.

I recently add to convert about 2 Gb worth of Revit files to IFC. The process is relatively easy, but having to open the file, convert it to Revit 2018 (I sadly didn’t have Revit 2017 on my computer), convert it to IFC, close the file and start again with a new file wasn’t particularly enjoyable.

Exporting IFC files from Revit can be long, way too long, and blocks a Revit session during the conversion. Even if you can always leave your computer and go grab a coffee, I was looking for something more efficient.

I start by playing with the idea of a computer running Revit, controlled from the outside and used exclusively to run IFC conversions. It can quite powerful but you still need a dedicated computer and Revit licence. Furthermore, running Revit from the outside is far from reliable.

Online Revit to IFC converter

The solution came when I realized that Forge could be used to convert Revit files to IFC. After some tinkering, I was able to upload a Revit file to Forge and convert it to IFC.

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