Thursday, April 19, 2018

Infraworks to Revit Interoperability Add-in from Autodesk

A new add-in for Revit 2019 appeared in the Autodesk Desktop App: Infraworks to Revit Interoperability Add-in. Unfortunately, there is literally no information available about this add-in in the ReadMe, on Autodesk Account, or on the Internet.

The Add-in in the Autodesk Desktop App
The Add-in on Autodesk Account

From installing the add-in, it looks like it provides an InfraWorks Properties command:

The add-in in Revit

We'll contact the Revit and Infraworks folks, see what we can find out, and update this post as we get more information.

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Unknown said...

Apparently this is the add-in for the civil structures 'Send to Revit' Update workflow. It was previously packaged as part of the InfraWorks install, but with the 2019 release, the installation is managed via the desktop app. Disappointing.