Friday, April 13, 2018

Revit Out of the Box Content Now Delivered through AVAIL

From the announcement:

We are excited to announce that we’ve just added a Revit | US Imperial | 2017 Channel to AVAIL Marketplace. You can now easily find content in the Revit 2017 Imperial Content Pack right inside of AVAIL. Use AVAIL’s filters panel to quickly and easily find the content you need!

Visit the AVAIL Marketplace from your Browse Channels tab to Subscribe now!

Accessing Marketplace Channels in AVAIL

Step 1: Browse to Marketplace
In AVAIL, browse to the AVAIL Marketplace by clicking on the “Browse Channels” icon on the left-hand side. Select "Marketplace" in the tabs on top.

Step 2: Find Third-party Content
There, you will see several third-party content provider Channels, including the new Revit | US Imperial | 2017 Channel. Click on the plus sign in the Channel icon OR use the "Subscribe" button in the side panel.

Step 3: Find the Content Channel in your Channels panel
Browse back to “Channels”. You should now see the Channel you just subscribed to.

Step 4: Download Content
To download, click on the piece of content and select the Download option. Note: You can change the default download location for your Channel by going to the Channel Details Panel.

In this panel you can edit the location by clicking on the Edit Icon. From here, you can browse and save a new download location.

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