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Cloud Services for Keynote Manager – Keynote Sharing Across Networks and Locations

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Why Cloud Services?

Traditional Revit uses a local text file to store keynote data which works fine… as long as everyone is on the same network. However when you need to share projects with other offices or across large geographical areas this system fails. Coordinating the keynotes quickly devolves into a mass of emails back and forth with attached text files, or a Dropbox file sharing system that is vulnerable to overwriting and still has issues with pathing.

In addition, Autodesk has introduced Revit model sharing over A360. That’s great for Revit models, but it still doesn’t allow sharing of the keynote data, so we are stuck in the same trap.

Revolution Design is proud to offer a solution to this issue with Keynote Cloud! Keynote Cloud stores your keynotes in a cloud based database, allowing access from anywhere in the world using the same path. Keynote Cloud projects can be shared with anyone inside or outside your company as long as they have a Keynote Manager Cloud account, and you set their permission levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seats do I need?

Of course this is up to you, but here are some things to consider when purchasing cloud licenses:
  • Cloud seats are concurrent use, so you only need as many as people will be accessing the cloud at the same time.
  • In order to provide keynotes to Revit from the cloud a cloud seat is required. This means that whenever a Revit model with cloud based keynotes is open you will be using a cloud seat.
  • A cloud seat is also required to run the cloud console, so opening and editing masters, working with users, etc. will require one seat for the duration of the program session.

I need to collaborate with another office, how do I do that?

Keynote Manager allows you to invite users to collaborate with you on cloud projects. You can simply invite the other user to the project and set the permission level you would like to have. Once they accept your invitation you they will be able to see your project and work with it. You can also change their permissions or remove them as a collaborator at any time.

The other office I’m working with doesn’t have Keynote Manager, can they still use the keynotes?

No. Because the cloud system is a proprietary system, anyone accessing the keynotes needs to have Keynote Manager installed and have cloud access. Other users will still be able to open the Revit model, but they will get an dialog that states that the project references an addin that is not installed and the keynotes will not be present. Note that you CAN export the cloud based keynotes to a text file using ‘Save As’ and send them the file for them to use but of course it will not stay up to date with the cloud keynote project.

Getting Started

In order to get started with Cloud Services you will need to purchase a cloud subscription from the purchase page. Once you have done that you will get an email with your login details. Simply follow the steps outlined in the videos below to get all set up and working in the cloud!

Initial Setup and Adding Users

Revolution Design Cloud user company and user level accounts. When you purchase your seats, your company account is set up based on the information provided and the number of concurrent seats. Your primary account is also set up based on this information and the login is sent to that primary account email address. Once that is set up you can create as many user accounts as desired under your company account, but note that all user accounts under your company account will take your cloud seats.

Creating Masters and Projects

Keynote cloud projects use a master and project system. Master databases hold the ‘standard’ keynote list that applies to all projects and actual keynote projects are derived from masters. Changes to master databases propogate down to the project level, and all changes at the project level become project specific (not affecting the master).

Using Cloud Projects in Revit

Cloud projects can be set for Revit models and loaded in very much the same way as standard text files.

Monitoring Usage

The Cloud Console has a tab that allows you to determine who is currently using your cloud seats in order to determine how many you have left, etc.

Cloud Services for Keynote Manager is brought to you by Revolution Design. It's priced at US $5.00/month/license or $30.00/year/user.

This add-in is compatible with Revit 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016.

There's more information available on the Revolution Design website.

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