Sunday, April 1, 2018

The Week that was in Revit Add-ons for Mar 26 - Apr 1, 2018

The week of  was a moderately busy one here on Revit Add-ons with 10 posts published.



From the Autodesk App Store, we posted about Building Designer for Autodesk® Revit® for one-click building design, Directory Templating for creating new projects, Dumbit for 3D RVT to 2D DWG conversions with high fidelity, LSGrid for generating illuminance grids for use in LightStanza, and the free SpankMyRevit for punishing Revit for not doing what's wanted.

From around the Internet, we posted about Umbra for creating lightweight, optimized 3D models for effective collaboration.

BIM 360

The afore-mentioned Directory Templating can be used for creating projects for Revit or BIM 360.


For App Store updates not mentioned here, see our latest roundup.


From the world of application development, we posted about gradually turning the Revit ribbon red if Sync to Central hasn't happened in a certain amount of time.


Top of the Pops

Last week, the following post spent the entire week in the #1 spot of our 'Trending Top 10 for the Last 7 Days' list:

Rock Steady

The following posts spent the entire week in our top ten list:

In and Out of Love

The following posts spent the majority of the week in our top ten list:

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