Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Building Coder Samples and ADN Samples for Revit 2019

From the The Building Coder blog:

I already described how I installed Revit 2019, compiled the Revit 2019 SDK samples and migrated RevitLookup to the new version.

I now migrated some other basic samples and utilities:

The Building Coder Samples for Revit 2019

The migration of The Building Coder samples to Revit 2019 was just as trivial as RevitLookup.
  • Update the .NET framework target version to 4.7
  • Point the Revit API assembly references to the new DLLs.

No code changes were needed.

That does generate six warning messages about deprecated Revit API usage.

They all occur in the module CmdGetMaterials.cs and concern the use of the AssetProperties [] operator taking integer and string arguments, e.g.:
  • warning CS0618: 'AssetProperties.this[int]' is obsolete: This property is deprecated in Revit 2019 and will be removed in the next version of Revit. We suggest you use the 'FindByName(String)' or 'Get(int)' method instead.

I will ignore them for the time being.

The flat migrated version is release 2019.0.138.0.

The diff between the last 2018 version, 2018.0.138.4, and 2019.0.138.0, shows the minimal changes I made.

To add the final finishing touch, I also updated the readme file with new Revit and .NET framework version badges.

The current version is 2019.0.138.1.

The AdnRme MEP HVAC and Electrical Samples for Revit 2019

Similarly, I updated the AdnRme MEP HVAC and electrical samples for Revit 2019.

The flat migration is captured in release 2019.0.0.0, and I added badges here as well in release 2019.0.0.1.

AdnRevitApiLabsXtra for Revit 2019

Next, I migrated the AdnRevitApiLabsXtra with similar ease.

No code changes required – again, just updated the .NET framework version and the Revit API assembly DLL references.

The current version is 2019.0.0.1.

There's more information available on the The Building Coder website.

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