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Aligning Text or Labels with Detail Lines Using Dynamo

From the BenchMarq website:

Revit Dynamo Graph to Align Text or Label with Detail Lines

August 3, 2017
By Tassos, our Revit and Dynamo Expert

Traditionally, when drafting text on technical drawings by hand we would use either letter stencils or write the text directly onto paper. When doing so, we would make an effort to best align the text with existing geometry such as lines, other text etc. We may have even used a ruler to improve the alignment.

Then, we started using software such as AutoCAD, and writing text became a much easier task. We were now able to access spot on accuracy and we could now align the text insertion point with the start point of line geometry. Naturally, this made us obsessed with accuracy!

Years later, Revit appeared on the scene and as it became more popular, people discovered its powerful functionalities. Revit does a lot, but one thing that it does not do is – align text with geometry, although it will align one text element with another when you try to move one.

For example, this could be useful when we create a Title Block for our company or Annotation Symbols and Tags. We create those only once and we use them over and over. It would be nice to position text within their definition spot on accurate.

Therefore, to help resolve this issue I have created a Dynamo Graph that uses a python script to gain access to Revit’s API functions, which you can download from here.

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