Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Milestone: 2 Million Pageviews!

We recently ticked over 2 million pageviews here on Revit Add-ons!

Revit Add-ons has been rewarding to us, the authors, in many ways, and when we see that the site receives about 2,500 pageviews per day, we know that our efforts are valued by the community. Thank you for that!

Thank you to our advertisers, past and present, for helping to make this site a going concern!

Our Current Advertisers

The premier authors of RPC content, Family + Detail Warehouse, the AVAIL content management system, and more!

Lighting Analysts
Makers of ElumTools, the first fully-integrated lighting software for Revit.

authors of FenestraPro Premium for energy efficient, generative facade design.

Autodesk Gold Partner and purveyor of the Pro Revit Tools.

Makers of PowerCAD-M, which simplifies Revit Electrical work, and the free PowerCAD-PNL, a live 2D schematic of connected panel boards, plus a lot more.

Authors of the popular Door Factory product, and a whole lot more!

Revolution Design
Makers of Keynote Manager, Revit workFlow, and Selection Master.

RTV Tools
Authors of the popular RTV Exporter PRO, RTV Drawing Manager, RTV Shared Parameter Manager, and more!

Makers of the SPECtrum content management system family. (And we're pretty excited to see what they have planned with their upcoming GAMUT product...)

Authors of the MWF family of products, the automated framing solutions for light gauge steel and wood studs. They also offer some free apps!

Makers of the UNIFI content management system.

We're very fortunate to have such a wonderful group of advertisers!

It took us about 51 months to achieve our first million pageviews, and just 25 months for the second. At the pace we're currently on, it will likely only take about 20 months to achieve our third million!

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