Friday, August 18, 2017

Playing with Dynamo Player – Includes 5 Free Scripts!

From the DesignTech website:


August 18th, 2017
By Sol Amour

Dynamo Player has recently (As of Revit 2018.1 Release) received some rather funky additions, namely the ability to have Inputs and Outputs.

While still, content wise, a little behind the seriously awesome Data-Shapes package (Shoutout Mostafa El Ayoubi), it gives beginners and those not particularly keen to delve into Visual Programming the ability to use tools generated by others which is a big win.

This blog post will release 5x free scripts that have been built with Dynamo Player in mind.  It will showcase a few different approaches to the use of Player, some as simply a big button, others with inputs and outputs and will also explore how you can have defaults that will save over multiple use – to effectively customise the scripts to your firms style.

Dynamo 1.3.1 was used for the generation of all available Scripts and Images. Revit 2018.1 will be required to access the Dynamo Player inputs and outputs. Most of these scripts will work with the player and default settings regardless.

Colour Non Room-bounding Elements

designtech_ColourNonRoomBoundingElements_v1.0 will allow you to simply colour (So using a non-invasive approach) any element within your open view. It colours by Elements that have the ‘Room Bounding’ box unticked and applies a Red colour override and Black line pattern.

The script is set-up to have a series of inputs that, while containing default values, allow you to input your own choice of Line Pattern, Line Weight, and Fill Pattern. It uses a name filter, so you will have to apply correct title casing to your inputs for it to correctly function: If you have incorrectly typed in a viable name for the above options it will simply default back to the original.

After running the script, there are two output nodes that showcase the Successful Overrides and Failed Overrides.

The default options are depicted below:

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