Thursday, August 24, 2017

Bluebeam Revu V2017.0.20 – Includes Revit 2018 Support

From the Bluebeam website:

Revu 2017
2017.0.20 – Update 2

Plugin Compatibility
Added compatibility for Revit 2018 (CAD & eXtreme editions only)

Resolved Issues
Revu 2017.0.20 fixes several issues including, but not limited to:
  • PDF Summary now properly sorts sequences numerically
  • Filtered states are now properly displayed in real time as markup status is changed in a Studio Session
  • Converting email to PDF from Outlook no longer fails when adding a folder or for large batches of emails including attachments
  • Addressed an issue that caused some vertical text to be unrecognized by OCR and AutoMark
  • Restored auto-complete for the address field when adding previously invited users for Studio Sessions
  • Addressed an issue that caused Search to display a “read only” error for Sets located on network drives
  • Addressed an issue that could cause the time stamp for a markup status to change when PDF is combined or extracted
  • PDF Markup Summary now properly shows markup thumbnails for documents comprising a large number of pages or markups
  • Addressed an issue that disallowed deselecting individual elements within a Count
  • Added the ability to run OCR from when Revu is installed in Amazon EC2
  • Addressed an issue that could cause line weights to print inaccurately
  • Addressed an issue that prevented editing Excel files embedded in Word when Quantity Link is enabled
  • Restored ability to add signature fields to PDFs created from Revit
  • Updated incorrectly localized strings for international languages
  • Addressed an issue that disabled the ability to invite users when Full Control permissions are inherited
  • Revu now properly fits the screen when moving its window to a monitor with a different resolution when the Windows Creators Update is installed
  • Restored the ability to save sheet set configurations in the Revit plugin
  • Batch PDF Summary now properly includes thumbnails for documents comprising documents with large images
  • Improved performance when adding Tags to documents in Sets
  • Addressed an issue that caused some Hyperlinks to not function for documents in Studio Projects
  • Addressed an issue that removed the ability to delete files from Studio Sessions
  • Changing source files for newly created Quantity Links no longer removes custom column filters
  • Restored progress bars to indicate status for upload, download, and sync for documents in Studio
  • Addressed an issue that caused copied Project hyperlinks to link to the root directory only

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