Thursday, August 17, 2017

P&ID Modeler for Revit 2018.1 from Autodesk

From Autodesk Account:

P&ID Modeler for Revit 2018.1

Released Aug 15, 2017

Revit P&ID Modeler helps you model piping faster and more efficiently using P&IDs from a Plant 3D Collaboration project directly within Revit. It connects Revit to AutoCAD P&ID drawings and associated data stored in BIM 360 Team using cloud collaboration capabilities included in Plant 3D. Revit P&ID Modeler enables collaboration between project team members, facilitating the model creation process by leveraging information captured at earlier design stages. This helps ensure consistency between the schematic and the model, minimizes manual data entry, and helps visualize model creation progress. Revit P&ID Modeler functionality requires a subscription to Collaboration for Revit.

From Autodesk Revit 2018 Help:

Use P&ID Modeler to coordinate data between an AutoCAD P&ID drawing (piping and instrumentation diagram) and a Revit model.

  • About P&ID Modeler
    • P&ID Modeler streamlines the process for modeling in Revit based on P&IDs and ensures consistency between the P&ID drawing and the Revit model.
  • Overview: Modeling a P&ID in Revit
    • This topic provides an overview of what you'll need to do in order to model a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) in Revit.
  • What You Need to Know to Model a P&ID in Revit
    • Learn about key concepts in AutoCAD P&ID.
  • Open a P&ID in Revit P&ID Modeler
    • Open a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) when you need to create a 3D model in Revit.
  • Map P&ID Content to Revit Content
    • To facilitate modeling a P&ID drawing in Revit, you'll need to map P&ID components and schematic lines to real-world 3D model components, such as a P&ID valve symbol with a Revit family, such as a ball valve.
  • Model a P&ID in Revit
    • Use the P&ID Modeler palette and the tools in Revit to model based on a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram).

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