Thursday, August 17, 2017

MWF Summer 2017 Releases

From the StrucSoft Solutions website:

MWF Summer 2017 builds released

August 16th 2017 – All MWF modules are now available for download with Revit 2018 functionality, as well as the following improvements:

New features include:
  • Extra Stud Markers – option to rotate, align and add offset from layers (Strong Back).
  • New Sheathing Engine – The old sheathing module was replaced with a more robust one that is well integrated into the multilayer walls module. Among other improvements, it uses “Direct Shapes” instead of Parts, which gives better control on visibility and the possibility to run clash detection in other applications, since direct shapes are exported better than parts to these external applications. The tool also now has an “Edit” mode that allows more flexible edits. Sheathing members can now also be scheduled.
  • Metal builds only:
    • Box studs and Lintel in wall panels – option to include Box studs in wall panels in addition to single and back to back studs.
    • Multisystem Marker – Jacks Options – This marker now supports jacks with multiple options.

  • MWF Pro Wood build only:
    • Tolerance in parallel nailing lines – Parallel nailing now have a tolerance for element centreline
    • Wood Connectors – Ability to place wood connectors in floor joists.
    • Saddle Notch Option – it places a saddle notch on Top of Studs with the placement of Horizontal member

  • Drawings – Dimension String for Stud packs, including single studs created with the extra vertical markers.
  • Manual service hole suppression – CNC – Option to manually suppress holes in individual panel members.
  • Floor Panel Renumbering Tool – This tool allows the renumbering of floor panels individually by selection. You can also give the panels an alternate name, prefix, suffix and a start number.

  • Floor Framer Hole Series Improvement (Slanted Holes) – Modification to existing Rectangular Hole Type: a checkbox “Stretch the hole for sloping penetrants” for rectangular hole type. The hole will still be rectangular, but it will recalculate the size of the hole to accommodate the sloped penetrant.
  • Floor Drawings – Add ‘By Label’ to Label Method in framing elevation – Added additional method ‘By Label’ using the BIMSF Label to label the floor members.
  • New “Line Based” approach to truss creation – A more customizeable approach relying less on automation to create trusses. By allowing the user to select Revit model lines as boundaries and truss lines, the profiles can be placed in various orientations and are not reliant on supports.
  • Lines Only Mode for Truss Profile Creation – Automatically generates truss lines instead of profiles to be used in the Line Based Approach.
  • Truss Grid Tool – Automatically places an extra stud in a wall panel under the selected truss profiles.
  • Truss SSMA-S Family catalog update – Some sizes were missing in the catalog from the “BIMSF-SSMA-S-Truss.txt” family, and present in the engineering catalog file. The missing types were now added to the main build.

Download your new MWF build now in the client dashboard.


There's more information available on the StrucSoft Solutions website.

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