Wednesday, August 23, 2017

SimLab Composer V8.1

From the SimlabSoft website:

Features in SimLab Composer 8.1

A brief summary with regards to the new updates that have been made in SimLab Composer 8.1 :

New added features:
  • 360 images
    • Render panoramic images for social media, websites, and mobile devices.
  • VR Workbench
    • Clipping Plane – Also known as Section Plane in VR, it can be static, animated, grabbable, and turned on/off dynamically.
    • Teleportation Points – Use Teleportation Points to navigate large scenes fastly by activating the X-ray view in SimLab VR/Desktop Viewer.
    • Light/Shadow Baking – New technology that stores lighting and shadow information with objects separately and away from their materials. It means that user can change the material itself and/or modify its properties even change its texture without the need to re-bake it again and again.
    • SimLab VR/Desktop Viewer on Mac – You can now enjoy the greatness of SimLab VR/Desktop on Mac (macOS greater or equal to 10.12).
  • 3D PDF
    • New highlighting option to distinguish 3D objects that are associated with actions.
    • New option for stopping animation on scene navigation.
  • WebGL/HTML
    • Highlighted 3D objects containing actions.
    • Animation stops on camera movement.
  • Rendering 
    • Region Rendering – Check complex parts of the scene and see how they look like early in the rendering process.
    • Using a small area of the scene to determine the needed SPP for the scene
    • Focusing rendering power in small areas that need more rendering to finish the process fast.
    • Roughness Map – It allows the user to set an image based distribution of roughness for metal and plastic materials instead of a single value applied to whole material.
    • Alpha Channel Emitter – Alpha areas of textures will turn transparent if used on an emitter..
    • SimLab HDR Creation – HDR is one of the preferred methods to light a 3D scene for rendering. SimLab Composer makes it easy to generate HDR images, with the freedom of distributing them as any other rendered image created using SimLab Composer.
    • Pass Light – New option for all material types that prevent corresponding objects from casting shadows.
  • SimLab Showroom 
    • Ability to join SimLab Community.
    • Ability to upload and download models.
    • Ability to vote for favorite models.
    • Showroom app is now available on Mac (macOS greater or equal to 10.12).
    • The ability to export to SimLab VR Viewer app for mobile.
  • Mobile
    • SimLab VR Mobile Viewer App – SimLab introduces a new and innovative mobile app for Android devices (iOS later) which allow user to live models and experiences exported from SimLab Showroom.

There's more information available on the SimlabSoft website.

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