Tuesday, January 1, 2019

BILT NA 2018 – Boost Your BIM's Harry Mattison Granted Revit API Wishes

Editor's Note: As he often does around the larger Revit conferences, Harry Mattison took and granted Revit API wishes at BILT NA 2018.

Wishes could be posted on Boost Your BIM or tweeted to @BoostYourBIM. They're collected here for your convenience. This one falls into the category "better late than never."

#BILTNA2018 Wish granted: Remove warning when modifying type parameter values in schedule

This sample shows how to “Remove warning/pop-up when modifying type parameter values within a schedule” using the DialogBoxShowing event.

Please remove the warning/pop-up that appears when editing scheduled fields that are tied to type parameters.  This is EXTREMELY annoying when entering data for our MEP schedules.  I.E. Plumbing Fixtures, Air Devices, Lighting Fixtures, etc.

The popup reads:

“This change will be applied to all elements of type _______.”

In instances where we are filling out a schedule, we are forced to enter our data, press enter or click out of the cell, and then respond to this popup. EVERY TIME

For the source code, see this article »

#BILTNA2018 Wish granted: Align a straight wall with a curved grid

The problem:

Currently a straight wall cannot be aligned to a curved line of reference. So in the instance where a wall was drawn straight, and doors and windows were added to it, when it needs to be modified to align with a curved gridline, for example, it will not have that option. So a new wall will need to be created and doors and windows will need to change hosts, and the original wall will need to be deleted. This is time consuming. A solution would be to allow for a straight wall to be aligned with a curved reference line.

The solution:

For the source code, see this article »

#BILTNA2018 Wish 3 Granted: Level remap to allow safe level deletion

The problem

If you delete a level in Revit, it deletes all objects on that level – no warning is given.

There should be a safe way of finding objects that are assigned to that level and reassigning them to a different level.

Perhaps Revit could automatically assign them to the level below?

Its a real problem if you create too many levels at the beginning of a project, you cant then delete some as you’ll lose information.

The solution – an API command to remap elements so they no longer reference the selected level

For the source code, see this article »

#BILTNA Wish 4: Spell check for schedules

Why doesn’t Revit check spelling in schedules? No good reason that I know of, so here’s an investigation into how it might be done with the API. There’s also some discussion of JSON deserialization and communicating with the Bing Spell Check web API.

For the source code, see this article »

#BILTNA Wish 5: Isolate with Fade

Isolate command should fade and lock all other objects instead of hiding them completely. What use can i find in seeing an object out of context? I can’t compare it visually to anything. If i want to modify it and can’t relate any modification to any context (because it’s hidden)

For the source code, see this article »

#BILTNA2018 Wish granted: Select detail lines by Line Type

It would be nice if we could right click on a specific linetype and “select all instances” in view instead of having to select everything and then filter them out.

For the source code, see this article »


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