Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Free Webinar Jan 16 – ROI with UNIFI

From the UNIFI website:

Join us Wednesday, January 16 @ 11 AM PST for BIM LIKE A BOSS EPISODE 5: ROI with UNIFI

Are you having trouble selling the idea of a content management system to the ‘higher ups’?

Join us for our ROI (return on investment) with UNIFI webinar that will give you the tools you need to get the tools you need.

In this webinar our host Jay Merlan, a former BIM Manager at Lease Crutcher Lewis will take you through his own personal experience of getting approvals to purchase and implement UNIFI CORE.

Jay will walk you through the UNIFI ROI calculator & ‘decision-maker’ presentation to help successfully present your case for UNIFI to upper management.

If you’ve already adopted UNIFI this webinar will show you how to calculate the time savings you are already experiencing to support your continued investment in UNIFI.

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