Friday, January 18, 2019

Review – Navisworks in VR with IrisVR Prospect

From the Applied Software website:

AutoCAD Plant 3D/Navisworks in VR

By David Wolfe
September 11, 2018

I had the opportunity today to work with a friend, Corey Arledge at Eledeco Inc., to get a Navisworks model up and running in a HTC Vive headset. One of the most exciting Navisworks plugin for Plant 3d is the Iris VR Prospect. The Iris VR plugin to Navisworks makes running a VR session push-button easy.

The workflow is fairly straight-forward and the Iris VR has the best Navisworks plugin installer I’ve ever seen (it just works…).  Here’s a helpful link to the details about what gets integrated with Navisworks + VR.

Here are the steps to get going:
  1. Install Navisworks
  2. Install Prospect
  3. Push your Navisworks model to VR (I recommend using a nwd file)
  4. Connect Headset
  5. View VR

Install Navisworks

First, you have to use Navisworks Manage, so make sure that’s installed. It’s a large install (~10GB) so give yourself plenty of time. Once installed Navisworks Manage is available on the desktop or through the Start menu.

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