Monday, January 7, 2019

Clockwork for Dynamo v1.33.0 & 2.1.1

From GitHub:

New nodes:
  • AngularDimension.ByElements
  • Array.GroupType
  • Dimension.ReferencedElements
  • Document.UnitTypes
  • ElementType.ByName
  • ElevationMarker.Views
  • FamilyParameter.MakeInstance
  • FamilyParameter.MakeType
  • SharedParameterFile.Parse
  • SpotCoordinate.ByPoint

  • All Intersecting Elements Of Category By Vector now performs a lot faster and uses a temporarily generated view to perform its query
  • All View-Dependent Family Instances of Category now works for dependent views as well
  • Document.ElementTypes now shows all element types that are available in the OOTB dropdown node "Element Types". It also has a second output for the type names now.
  • Element.Category+ now also returns the category of the currently opened family document
  • Element.CutGeometry & Element.JoinGeometry now also return the original input elements
  • Element.Inserts now also returns railings hosted on stairs
  • Element.Location+ now has two additional outputs: "hasMultipleCurves" (boolean) and "multipleCurves" (lists of curves). The existing outputs "curves", "curveEndpoints" and "isCurve" will no longer output curves, points and True respectively for elements with multiple location curves (e.g. floor slabs). Additionally, the node now supports these additional object types:
    • Curtain grid lines
    • Dimensions
    • Grids
    • Openings (currently only non-rectangular ones, though)
    • Railings
    • Top rails
    • Stair landings
    • Stair runs
  • Element.Name+ now also returns names of family parameters
  • Element.Level now also supports stairs, stair runs, stair landings and extruded roofs
  • Element.SetName now also supports renaming of family parameters (while in a family document)
  • FamilyInstance.SubComponents was renamed to Element.SubComponents because it now also supports beam systems, stairs and railings.
  • FamilyInstance.SuperComponent was renamed to Element.SuperComponent because it now also supports beams in beam systems, stair components, hand rails and top rails.
  • UnitType.DisplayUnitType now also supports native Revit unit types (previously only Dynamo unit types)
  • Wall.Flip now reports success/failure as a boolean

Bug fixes:
  • Element.Category+ will no longer fail when processing null values
  • List.ReplaceItemAtIndex+ will no longer fail when processing 2D lists. This should also fix similar issues with List.ReplaceEmptyLists and List.ReplaceNulls.
  • View.ViewTemplate will no longer fail when processing null values or non-views
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a number of Clockwork nodes with category inputs from working when is also installed (v2.1.1 only)

Clockwork for Dynamo is brought to you by Andreas Dieckmann. It's free.

It's compatible with Dynamo 1.x and 2.x.

There's more information available on GitHub.

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