Friday, January 11, 2019

Open Source CrossPlatform Repo – Develop for Revit/Dynamo & Rhino/Grasshopper from a Single Code Base

From GitHub:


This repo hosts the sample code written for the BiLT EUR 2018 Cross-platform development : from Revit/Dynamo to Rhino/Grasshopper and the web hands-on labs. The lab was accompanied by a lenghty handout that is available on the BiLT website for registered people.


Be a reference, source of inspiration & education for others.

What is it

It's a sample of how to build cross-product libraries for AEC apps, with a focus on
  • re-using as much code as possible
  • demonstrating some SOLID principles in action
  • supporting as many apps as possible

The solutions is made of up of 2 things : a common library and specific application implementations.

Crossplatform Library

This is the shared functionality that is product-agnostic & re-usable.

It holds the
  • geometry & BIM element definitions
  • interoperability/conversion routines

App implementations

Distinct applications that bring the  Crossplatform.Libraryto  each platform :
  • Revit app
  • Dynamo app
  • Rhino app
  • Grasshopper app

What does it do


It's a bare-bones geometry-sharing library, with definitions for
  • Point
  • Line
  • Wall

You can convert To & From the  Crossplatform.Geometry  objects in Revit, Dynamo, Rhino & Grasshopper. You'll also note that not all conversions are straight-forward : there's no Wall in Rhino, so that conversion shows how to think about translating non-compatible objects.


All has a simple  WhoAmI  command that has a single implementation for all products, but still manages to be a bit product-specific.


developed over 2 days before BiLT, so don't expect crazy-good code, I'm aiming for decent here
this is not in active development, but modifications (pull requests, PRs) are welcomed if they add to the educational value of the repo



There's more information available on GitHub »


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