Thursday, January 3, 2019

Free and Open Source pyRevit v4.6.9 Beta with New Keynote Manager

Ehsan Iran-Nejad, author of pyRevit, describes it this way: "pyRevit is a rapid-prototyping platform for Revit that also includes a working set of tools to showcase the platform."

With 7,054 pageviews to date, our initial post about PyRevit, from March 11, 2017, is one of our most popular. In fact, it still pops up in our Trending list. Regrettably, we haven't posted about pyRevit since its version 4.4 update on July 9, 2017. Because Ehsan posts release videos that include information targeted at developers, from a user perspective, we've had a hard time keeping up with pyRevit. According to Ehsan, "early adopters were mostly Revit developers. Most have forked pyRevit and modified it to use in their companies."

Ehsan effectively volunteers his time for the pyRevit community, so we plan to likewise do our bit with an in-depth review of pyRevit this year from a user perspective. Stay tuned!

For the past month or so, Ehsan has teased a new Keynote Manager coming soon to pyRevit...

On New Years Day, Ehsan released pyRevit version 4.6.9 Beta, which features the new Keynote Manager. Here's his release video...

Ehsan's already teasing more functionality coming to Keynote Manager...

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pyRevit is free and open source, but, if you value it as much as we do, please consider becoming a patron. One may may contribute as much as they want on Patreon.

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