Friday, January 25, 2019

BIMcollab BCF Managers v5 r3

From the BIMcollab website:

NEW in BCF Managers 5 r3

Moving 100 issues to a new milestone? Assigning a group of issues to a new team member? Multi-edit allows you to select and update multiple issues at once.

Significantly faster in Revit
Revit users will experience a drastic improvement in speed when switching between issues in a complex model.

More data from Navisworks
Specific meta data can now be added to issue descriptions and comments (e.g. clash status, clash point, assigned to, approval data and more).

Auto assign team members
When importing issues from Navisworks into BIMcollab, team members can now be automatically assigned for a more efficient workflow

And more
Our new BCF Managers also offer several other improvements, such as Mac OS Mojave compatibility and minor bugfixing

BIMcollab BCF Managers for Revit and Navisworks are brought to you by KUBUS BV. They're free. Pricing for BIMcollab is as follows.

There's more information available on the BIMcollab website »

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