Tuesday, August 23, 2011

BIM Cloud Computing with Advance2000

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a metaphor for the Internet, and describes the way information technology (IT) is accessed. It is another way of saying that your applications are hosted at a separate IT facility - such  as a data center - remotely accessible via a secure Internet connection.

What can the Advance2000 Cloud 2.0 do for architectural and engineering firms?

Cloud 2.0 from Advance2000 provides a high performance solution for your graphical work stations. The increased speed, as compared to traditional cloud computing, allows the you to increase productivity and better utilize valuable resources. The collaborative nature of the cloud, with this next- generation computing model, improves cooperation between designers, architects, contractors, and quality control personnel. our experience providing private cloud service to the AeC market has led us to evolve and grow the Advance2000 Cloud 2.0 to better serve your needs.

What sets the Advance2000 Cloud 2.0 apart?

our service levels, support and 99% customer satisfaction rating. We provide 24/7/365 support, guaranteed system up-time, two-factor bio-metrically secured facilities, and data retention which adheres to compliancy required by business. We provide all the benefits of Cloud Computing without forfeiting critical business functions.

With BIM Cloud Computing from Advance2000, your firm will benefit from:

  • Cloud 2.0 - High Performance Graphical Workstations
  • Collaboration over a WAN
  • Reduced Capital expenses
  • Full Designer Mobility
  • Increased Availability of Data
  • Better Business Continuity and disaster recovery
  • Enterprise Security
  • Green Computing

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