Thursday, August 25, 2011

Integrate Your Urban Planning, Landscaping and Architecture Practices with Eagle Point's LANDCADD for Revit

LANDCADD™ for Revit® is designed to offer Architects, Landscape Architects or Designers functionality within Autodesk Revit Architecture to quickly and easily lay out site components, as well as produce a landscape design fully integrated into the project. By accessing a wide-range of searchable plants, you are able to customize planting families and then use the LANDCADD tools to locate trees, shrubs, flowers or ground covers into the model. You are also able to layout other landscaping features, such as paths or patios and, not only obtain areas, but also a takeoff of the materials.

Key Benefits

  • Save time with integrated tools that allow you to quickly locate your site components.
  • Model different alternatives for parking stalls, bollards, lights, planting material, etc., by quickly and easily making updates as the design is reviewed.
  • Obtain detailed volume reports for elements such as pavement, sidewalks, and patios with the touch of a button.
  • Design interior or exterior planting plans and green roofs by accessing an extensive library of planting families.
  • Eliminate the need to transfer drawing components back and forth from Revit to AutoCAD back to Revit since all of your landscape design is part of the Revit model.
  • Improve your team collaboration by integrating the landscape design group with your architecture group workflow.

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