Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eagle Point's Siteworks for Revit

Siteworks™ for Revit® enables architects, designers and planners to shape the terrain for their building sites using grading tools to model pads, parking lots, streets, sidewalks and retaining walls – all within the Revit environment. Siteworks is intended to help these professionals convey preliminary design intent about the building site within the Revit model to help facilitate their collaboration with civil engineers. And because Siteworks runs inside of Revit and uses native families, components and toposurfaces, designs become part of the overall Building Information Model and help with visualizing your conceptual building plans.

Key Benefits

Siteworks for Revit provides architecture firms tremendous time savings in the preliminary design phase by:
  • Providing an early-stage design tool for architects to communicate conceptual design ideas about the building site to civil engineers, who will complete the detailed site design with professional civil engineering tools like AutoCAD® Civil 3D®.
  • Incorporating grading features directly into the Building Information Model to visualize the building site and quickly iterate conceptual designs.
  • Allowing architects, landscape architects and planners to convey design intent and help facilitate collaboration with all project stakeholders including owners and civil engineering firms.

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