Monday, August 22, 2011

BIMAssist for Revit

Exclusively from Advanced Solutions

BIMAssist™ for Revit® adds a powerful set of productivity tools to Autodesk Revit. BIMAssist for Revit currently supports Revit 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

BIMAssist™ for Revit® Features

  • Supports Revit Architecture, Structure, and MEP. 
  • Modular support for productivity tools.  When new tools are added, they can easily be added to your BIMAssist for Revit menu.
  • Automatic Update keeps your modules current. 

BIMAssist™ for Revit® Utilities

Case Update

  • Update the casing of text elements in bulk for a single view or a whole project.
  • Supports Upper Case, Lower Case, and Title Case.
  • Interface includes type filtering, zoom to element, and individual element editing capabilities.

Door Mark Manager

  • Intuitive interface for selecting Door Marks to manage.
  • Suggests appropriate values for missing Door Marks.
  • Allows user to Zoom To particular doors.
  • Quickly apply changes to Door Marks individually or in bulk.

Fire Rating Coordinator

  • Compare and update fire ratings on hosted elements.
  • Edit host or hosted fire rating values.
  • Check for fire ratings that do not match in hosted elements.
  • Mass update that allows fire ratings to be changed to the host or hosted value.
  • Supports both built in and custom parameters.

Match Instance Parameters Features

  • Updates parameters across many instances in a single operation. 
  • Allows changes to common parameters across multiple types. 
  • Very flexible instance selection interface (window select, direct click, all in current view, all in current project).

Note Block Creator

  • Manages plan notes on a view by view basis.
  • Automatically constructs note blocks for placement onto sheets without the use of any schedules.
  • Includes audit functionality that detects missing/duplicate notes.
  • Supports the integration of custom annotation  symbols.

Project Cleaner (Not supported in Revit 2009)

  • Quickly removes unneeded plans, views, legends, schedules, linked files, etc. from project files.
  • Optimizes the process of preparing projects received from other firms for use.

Room Phase Replicator

  • Copies rooms from one phase to another.
  • Specific levels may be selected.
  • Parameters and Tags may be toggled on or off.

Room Renumber

  • Renumbers rooms to a specified sequence through selection.
  • Inserts new rooms into an existing numbering scheme.
  • Suggests room numbers based on door numbers and placement.

Room Surface Parameter Extractor

  • Extracts room surface (wall, ceiling, etc.) information (height, assembly function, material) into shared parameters.
  • Allows surface information to be scheduled without manual data entry. 
  • Shared application parameters  can be easily synchronized at any time.

Sheet Number Update

  • Easily insert new sheets into an existing sequence without the need to manually renumber entire sheet sets.
  • Quickly fill gaps in a sheet numbering sequence created by sheet deletion.

Space Synchronize

  • Synchronizes room number/description from linked architectural models in bulk.

Text Find and Replace Features

  • Find and replace text in a selection, a view, or the entire Revit project.
  • Supports many common text types such as notes, room names, room numbers, walls, annotation types, and many family instance types.
  • Utility also works on Parameters!
  • Allows you to open a view to an element. Simply search for text and then double click the magnifying glass next to the result and the application will switch to a view of the element.
  • Replace All, Replace Selection and single item edit supported.


BIMAssist™ for Revit® is available as a monthly subscription service starting at $19 per seat/month.  Pricing is discounted  for multi-month, multi-license purchases. BIMAssist™ for Revit® is FREE for Advanced Solutions Revit Subscription clients.

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